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Student Support at 

Ivy Hill Prep

Ivy Hill Student Support


Ivy Hill Preparatory Charter School remains steadfast in our commitment to guaranteeing our students a rigorous, structured, and joyful education that will serve as a foundation towards achieving opportunity and success throughout their lives.


Our philosophy is to teach the whole-child to raise productive members of society. We are committed to meeting the learning needs of all of our students in the least restrictive environment and to the best of our means, in accordance with the Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).


Ivy Hill has adopted Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) to meet the needs of all Ivy Hill Prep scholars and promote their social emotional learning and development.


Most importantly, Ivy Hill believes in Ujima, the collective responsibility of all stakeholders to contribute and collaborate for the success of each child.

Ivy Hill Prep has a highly trained Social Worker and Columbia University MSW intern.

Our team is dedicated to helping students achieve their highest potential and become lifelong learners.

Together our team collaborates and consults with teachers and leaders to establish student success. Our team focuses on strategies and activities to improve students' academic, career, and social/emotional development.

Our goal is to advocate for students and ensure a comfortable learning environment for all. 

What do school social workers do?

Individual Counseling

Small Group Counseling

Classroom Curriculum

Responsive Services

Social Worker Role 

The Role of Social Workers is vast. Among the many things that School Counselors are responsible for, the following comprise the essential roles and responsibilities that Counselors at Ivy Hill Prep demonstrate daily:

Consultation​ - As Social Workers, we are experts in our field. Therefore, consulting with other school staff, community agencies, and families is essential to encouraging the success of our students.

Collaboration​ ​- Working as part of a team with teachers, leaders, parents, students and community agencies is essential to our students' academic, behavioral, and social/emotional success. Using our collaborative skills to identify needs and provide services to our staff, students and families are paramount to our school counseling program.

SEL Curriculum, Tier 1​ - Social Workers collaboratively implement a comprehensive core curriculum to ensure that all students receive a sound foundation in counseling topics to improve academics, attendance, or behavior. The core curriculum reflects students' needs, is updated annually, and is designed to support students in academic success, social and emotional competencies, and college and career exploration.

Data Collection​ ​- The counseling department is data-driven and collects various data types to ensure that our work with students is valuable and impacts students academic, attendance, or behavior concerns.

Advocacy ​- ​ Social Workers advocate for the best interests of their students. This is done through developing a thorough understanding of students' needs and concerns and working alongside staff and administrators to ensure that student success is at the root of programs and changes.

 Leadership​ - Social Workers take an active role in school leadership by using data to make informed decisions to best meet our students' needs. School counselors are involved in many aspects of school leadership through participation on a variety of teams, creating and implementing school-wide programs, and being visible to staff, students and families daily.


​​Students at Ivy Hill are entitled to receive Special Education services and 504 Accommodations depending on their eligibility determined during the relevant meeting. Both a 504-Plan and IEP are legal documents that provide support to students and grant them access to educational material throughout the school day. Services offered at Ivy Hill Prep are:

  1.  Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT)

  2.  Speech Therapy

  3.  Occupational Therapy

  4.  Physical Therapy

  5.  Hearing Education Services

  6.  Paraprofessional Support


 Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) is a comprehensive multi-tiered system that works to remove academic, behavioral, and social-emotional barriers so that students are successful within a school. MTSS comprises intervention strategies based on the student's specific needs, as well as universal screeners for early detection of at-risk students and a continuous cycle of progress monitoring, analysis, and implementation of strategies. MTSS benefits all students, not just those who qualify for special education, as it is instruction catered to all students’ unique needs to promote growth and achievement.


Ivy Hill is committed to providing social and emotional support for students and staff through a multi-faceted approach that incorporates trauma-responsive practices, social emotional learning, and restorative practices. The Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum addresses the five-core social emotional competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. The activities align with the goals and objectives outlined by NYS and are divided between the three trimesters of the school year.  

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