Dear Supporters,


It takes a village to raise a child. 


It takes a village to build a school. 


The success of Ivy Hill Prep depends upon the collective efforts of committed supporters, all whom share our relentless focus to ensure children receive the high-quality education they deserve. 


Every dollar donated will be used to support the students of Ivy Hill Prep. Your financial contribution will be 100% tax deductible. Use one method below to donate today.


Thanking you in advance,

The Ivy Hill Prep Team 

Give Today to Change Tomorrow

Two Methods to Donate


To donate with a check, please follow the directions below:


1. Make the check out to: “Ivy Hill Preparatory Charter School”. 
2. On the "For/Subject Line"; on the check, please write: 

“Donation for Ivy Hill Preparatory Charter School”

3. Mail the check to:


Ivy Hill Preparatory Charter School 

475 East 57th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11203 

4. Ivy Hill Prep  will send a receipt as letter of confirmation

that can be used as proof for tax deduction



Donations to Charter Schools like Ivy Hill Prep are Tax Deductible! Because our school is a non-profit corporation with a 501 C 3 exemption, all donations are tax deductible.   In New York, our state gives residents a direct $200 per person ($400 per couple) tax credit for donations up to that amount.