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Welcome Ivy Hill Prep Families! 

We are so excited to launch our Virtual Ivy Hill Prep! On our website, parents and students will receive support to assist them with their remote learning. Please see below for what your scholar’s daily schedule should look like at home! 

7:30 AM – Breakfast 

• Wake up, shower, and get dressed for the day! 

• Eat breakfast at home or

    visit your nearest DOE school

    to pick up (3) meals for the entire day!


8:30 AM – Lexia 

• Use your Ivy Hill Prep Chromebook to sign into Lexia Core 5


• All usernames and passwords have been e-mailed to parents

   and can also be found on your Class Dojo site!

• Students must complete at least 40 minutes of Lexia daily! 


9:00 AM – Independent Reading 

• Have your scholar read a book out-loud to you. 

• Pick a book from your Distance Learning Binder or check in

    with your scholar’s teacher about which leveled book

    is best for  your child! 


9:30 AM – Oral Drill 

• Have your scholar practice phonics using the videos to the right! 

10:30 AM – Read Aloud 

Monday, June 15 , 2020

• Have your scholar listen to a Read Aloud

    from one of our teachers and answer questions about the text. 

Friday, June 19, 2020

11:30 – Creative Play 

• Have your scholar play offline with toys, blocks, legos, arts

    and crafts, etc. 



Martial Arts/Dance

Virtual Snack & Chat (Fri)

• Login to Ivy Hill’s Martial Arts & Zoom account for your daily fitness! 

• On Friday’s login to the same account for Ivy Hill’s Virtual Snack & Chat

Martial-Arts-Class-Kids-Karate (1).jpg

12:30PM – Lunch 


1:30PM – Story Problem (CGI) 

• Have your scholar solve their daily Story Problem! 

• Ask your scholar, “Are we getting more, or losing some?” 

• Ask your scholar, “What’s the most efficient strategy you can use

    to solve this problem?” 

2:00PM – Writing 

Have your scholar practice their writing by answering the daily Writing Prompt! 

• Please ensure: 

  •  Pictures have lots of details.

  •  All sentences begin with uppercase letters. 

  •  There are meatball spaces between all words. 

  •  Students are recording every sound they hear in the word. 

  •  Students make their stories longer by adding detail. 

Monday 6/15 Video Model

2:30PM – Afternoon Break 

• Have your scholars move their bodies with a Go Noodle brain break video!

• Click on the link to the right to get started!  

go nood.png
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